Bild eines Robotors in Bewgung

Automotive testing

Our top priority is to get better and better.

In an environment driven by continual innovation, our test rigs represent the spearhead of what is technically feasible. And in the e-drive sector our goal is not to follow the trends but to set them ourselves.


Flexible solutions to meet the highest demands.

Because we have the key skills in-house for all steps from planning through to assembly, we can react flexibly to changing circumstances even during the implementation phase. And the finished plant itself also demonstrates a high degree of flexibility. Simple adaptation is all that is needed to react to such factors as output variation.


Key Benefits
  • Test rig technology for electro, hybrid and conventional drive Systems
  • NVH measurements
  • Activation of integrated e-motors, battery simulations, etc.
  • Clutch tests incl. clutch parameterisation
  • Various function tests for the drive train