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The performance field of testing


Whether for controlling quality, developing prototypes or identifying the causes of failures and errors, DAM has committed itself from the outset to the supreme automotive discipline of testing. Together with our customers, we have grown consistently due to a huge number of challenges and we now implement a wide variety of EOL test rigs for drive trains which are optimally equipped for the future thanks to cutting edge features.


As close as possible to reality, as flexible as possible in operation. DAM has been developing reliable test rigs for prestigious car manufacturers under this banner for many years. They deliver reproducible results and guarantee extended evaluation procedures in addition to the increasingly essential range of different versions. If required, it is possible to map a wide variety of products on one system which the customer can adapt himself: absolute operator-friendliness enables independent modification of parameters or program sequences and the ability to set up new types on the line. We know how important independence and maximum possible efficiency are for your production.


Up-to-the-minute with innovative technologies

The automotive industry sets new standards at a rapid rate. Existing in the market means being able to keep up. DAM moves with the times and is always close to changing market requirements and the needs of target groups. We identify trends, using intensive R&D activities to put this valuable input into practice in the form of new technologies – being always one step ahead to prove our competitive strength to our customers. We are particularly proud of the innovations 'Made by DAM' which have become established as trendsetters for the industry.


  • NVH measurements
  • Clutch tests including clutch parameterisation
  • Functional tests
  • Leak tests
  • Flow tests
  • Development of test rigs for specific products
  • Shift-on-the-move test
  • Differential test
  • Speeds > 7,500 rpm
  • Torques > 2,000 Nm
  • Activation of integrated vehicle control systems
  • and much more
Key benefits
  • Easy operating processes
  • Highly dynamic implementation
  • Close personal collaboration with the customer
  • High-quality evaluation procedures
  • Fast response to modifications/adaptations
  • Flexibility
  • 100% deadline guarantee
  • Integration of different products
  • Fast change between products (setting-up)
  • and much more
Specialist field of e-Drive


We live and breathe dynamics and are always in touch with the latest trends. e-Mobility is the best example of our commitment to future technologies while at the same time being at the heart of our market-oriented innovative spirit. Even in the early days of this new drive technology, DAM contributed valuable testing expertise on behalf of prestigious OEMs and their suppliers and has continually grown with the challenges of various projects in the areas of assembly and test rig technology. Today, we already encounter e-Mobility as a familiar sight on the streets – it has now become one of DAM’s most sought-after areas of expertise.


DAM has been committed to e-Mobility from the outset, with great vigour thanks to a decisive competitive advantage. Our comprehensive testing expertise gained from the classic construction of test rigs serves as a tangible basis for the implementation of efficient plants in this new field and has paved the way to the highest possible performance. In addition to our established expertise, control technology plays a key role in e-Drive testing. In cooperation with our customers, we successfully overcome this challenge, project by project, and are therefore perfectly capable of making the most of all potential options.


e-Mobility is one of the most important, most innovative of DAM’s performance fields which it will expand even further in the future. Our expertise developed over many years enables the realisation of customised solutions as a complete package from a single source.



Special features
  • Complete assembly plants
  • Test rig engineering
  • Speeds > 13,000 rpm
  • Highly dynamic drive/output units
  • Sophisticated control of the integrated electric motors
  • Manual or fully automated loading systems
  • Adaptation of the technical test rig version to increased demands
  • Water/Glycol conditioning system
  • HV-Applications
  • Battery simulation
  • High performance control interface with vehicle bus systems (CAN/FlexRay)
  • and much more
The performance field of assembly

Everyone’s talking about lean manufacturing and similar concepts. The production of the future must be even leaner, faster and more flexible while still delivering 100% performance. Such developments seriously challenge assembly. DAM responds to ever-increasing demands with sophisticated plants which completely live up to concepts such as lean manufacturing and above all implement them cost-efficiently, flexibly and simply.


Taking into consideration the customer’s design concepts in respect of methodology, DAM realises efficient assembly processes which stand out due to a high degree of efficiency in both implementation and operation. We are constantly working on new technologies so that we can offer our customers a wide range of different innovative solutions. All our efforts are centred on a high level of standardisation and low susceptibility to malfunction in addition to equally high operator-friendliness for smooth, fast production processes.


Unique adaptation options due to flexible plants

Our team pays particular attention to the flexibility of plants. Customer-specific requirements are taken into account as early as in the offer phase with a range of ingenious solutions for the most diverse eventualities and intended uses. Changes to the ongoing work are implemented equally quickly and without fuss. The plant itself, however, achieves a particularly high degree of flexibility: factors such as fluctuations in quantities and the like can be optimally cushioned by the ability to make adaptations quickly and easily.

  • Development of assembly stations for customer-specific products
  • Process flow creation for complete assembly processes
  • Modifications, replacements and type extensions
  • Optimisation of assembly times
  • Documented assembly of components
  • Standardisation of processes
  • Quality improvement
  • and much more
Key benefits
  • High process reliability and operator-friendliness
  • Compliance with methodological concepts
  • Flexibility
  • Many years of expertise
  • Variety of proposed solutions
  • 100% adherence to delivery dates
  • Fast response times in the event of breakdowns
  • Use of the latest technologies
  • and much more