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Plant engineering in three steps

Plant engineering

    • Conceptual design

    In collaboration with our customers, we prepare technically mature, cost-efficient conceptual designs with an innovative background. In this case, it is not only the customer requirement specification which plays an essential role but also flexible approaches that are aligned with the customer’s wishes and accommodate a high level of production dynamics. Equipped for all eventualities, DAM develops a range of different solutions to enable it to respond rapidly to any parameter changes by the customer and to fluctuations in quantities.


    The design phase is one of the most important phases of collaboration. Excellent plants are based on a good working relationship and mutual agreement.


    All necessary disciplines and work steps are already fully integrated in the concept phase. At this stage we also create detailed layout plans as well as cycle time studies and hardware concepts based on the customer's requirements.


    Particularly in TESTING & ASSEMBLY, our areas of expertise, the requirements often demand increased planning from the outset in order to implement our high-precision plants for our customers.


    We draft solutions which combine contemporary design with technically perfect inner workings. Both guarantee the success that you would expect as one of our customers.

    • Planning

    In step 2, we implement your conceptual design taking strict account of the agreed specifications and standards in addition to all necessary conditions. The topic areas of safety engineering and safety assessment play a particularly key role in order to exclude malfunctions of any kind. We guarantee the safety of your employees and use innovative ideas in the planning phase to ensure optimised production processes.


    We place great emphasis on continuous improvement throughout a plant's development process. As a result, the concepts drawn up together are further optimised in the planning phase. Improvements to the mode of operation and also optimisation of the cost structure are a matter of course at DAM. For this we use our many years of expertise as well as the latest technical standards and technologies.


    In today's highly dynamic world, it may also be necessary to make changes or accommodate additional requirements even after the conceptual design phase. They are taken into account fully in the planning phase to enable us to deliver perfect technical solutions for our customers.

    • Execution

    Your aim is the fastest possible production startup – our aim is to maintain tight schedules for streamlined assembly and integration of your products. A well-rehearsed team of experienced DAM employees guarantee absolutely on-schedule, professional execution of the planned plant. Cleanly and accurately implemented from installation to commissioning and rounded off perfectly by customised employee training courses with production support on request.

Areas of activity


Based on our strongly automotive-influenced roots and the extensive industry experience of the management team, DAM mainly represents the progressive construction of specialised machinery in the automotive sector. In recent years, we have made a name for ourselves particularly in (EOL) testing and assembly plants. We are now among the most sought-after contacts for specific challenges in these areas. Our customers particularly appreciate the close collaboration with DAM which forms the basis of every project and makes us stand out from the competition. Your personal contacts from our specialised departments will support you continuously from offer to commissioning, and will quickly and effortlessly take any special wishes or last-minute changes into account. Using this collaborative approach, we ensure reliably innovative, highly efficient products in the highly dynamic automotive industry.


DAM fosters a corporate culture distinguished by innovation and progress. We grow with every single challenge and never set ourselves any self-made boundaries. This attitude also extends to our range of services: depending on the requirements, we use our skills not only for the automotive but also the non-automotive sector. Due to the strong dynamics with which we’re confronted in the automotive sector, we strive constantly for new and even better solutions. Every industrial goods sector searching for maximum performance with the lowest possible financial outlay benefits from this perfectionism and our proven strengths, such as total adherence to delivery dates or our highly flexible approach to special requests.

Efficient transfer of expertise

Automotive expertise also strengthens non-automotive production in the long term: we network skills and use our knowledge cross-sectorally for all types of reliable, operator-friendly plants.